What is this about?

Good question.

First, here are a few things this newsletter is NOT about -

It's not about -

  • Writing clickbait headlines
  • Fluffy content
  • Tracking your personal information and sell to advertisers. (Check the privacy page that I don't actually need)

Here are few things this newsletter is about  -

  • It's about Indie Hackers - makers, builders, bootstrapped entrepreneurs.
  • It's for them to consume and learn. And get insights and ideas for their projects.
  • It's written in simple 5th grade English. No complex or "smart" words. The goal of the writing is to be effective not preachy.
  • It's published every week, on this website, on the Indie Hackers website and in your email inbox.
  • It's not boring, never never boring! If it gets boring I'll stop publishing.
  • It's written like I'm speaking to a friend. That's why the name is "Listen Up". It's like once a week you meet a friend and he tells you - "Dude, listen up, you know this company, started by another Indie Hacker like you and me, it's doing so well. You know you should check out these tactics the founder used to grow. I'm sure your company will hit $10K MRR within a year if you do this!"
  • Yea, that's what this is about👆

So Listen Up -

If you are an independent entrepreneur looking to build a bootstrapped business then this newsletter is for you.

If you're a creator, solopreneur, maker, builder, Indie hacker, this newsletter is for you.

If you want to raise VC funding and build a billion dollar business, sorry, this is not for you.

Please don't signup and waste your inbox space.


Join me in the ride, give me your email and I sure as hell won't disappoint you.





Here's a 28 week reflection on how this newsletter has evolved, some more ideas on what this is about  -