Key Lessons from the success of Closet tools

Key Lessons from the success of Closet tools

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We are diving deep into how the micro SaaS app Closet Tools found success.

To read the story of how founder Jordan O’Connor built Closet tools, you can check out an older post -

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What is “Closet Tools"?

Closet Tools is a chrome bookmark that automates the tedious process of sharing products on Poshmark.

Poshmark is this social marketplace where you can sell your designer clothes and shoes.

It incentivizes engagement on the platform.

So if you want to sell stuff, you must share your products frequently with your followers and groups.

The more products a seller has, the more sharing they have to do. And if someone has more than 1000 or 2000 products then just being active on the platform can take up their whole day.

This can be painful.

That’s where Closet Tools helps.

It’s a chrome extension that imitates human activity and performs key presses that share products from a store.

Closet Tools Revenue

Right now, according to its Indie Hackers product page, Closet Tools is at $28K MRR.


Now, let’s get into the key lessons behind the success of Closet Tools.

We will see:

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  • Landing Page Lessons 📃
  • Related Trends and Opportunities 💸
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Growth Strategies📈

Early Growth and validation