How to presell a product on Gumroad and launch via Twitter (Raw numbers!)

How to presell a product on Gumroad and launch via Twitter (Raw numbers!)
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Writing has been at the base of my solo business for almost a year now. I use it in different ways as:

  • Product consultant
  • Freelance writer
  • Info product maker
  • Copywriter
  • Ghost Tweeter

It’s my fundamental skill.

I wanted to capture my knowledge of writing in a course or an e-book.

With that intention, I made a broad outline of the course and Tweeted about it:

How the funnel was setup

My biggest challenge with every product launch so far on Twitter has been getting people to click on the link in the launch tweets and get them to the landing page.

The algorithm penalizes tweets or threads with links.

Plus people feel it’s too much of a pain going off the platform for something they won’t need.

That’s why I kept the starting price at 0 for the initial seats.

Plus I asked interested folks to respond with a ✍️

Then I would DM them the link to the product page, and then they can make a choice from there.

The launch tweet made it a no-brainer for anyone to show interest and reply.

This helped me get the maximum possible eyeballs on the landing page. After that, it was a matter of how good/bad the offer was.

Also, as I got some validation, as people were buying, I kept raising the prices.

At the time of writing, I’ve made $200+ in pre-sales already. And have started working on it.

The price will vary depending on when you’re reading this, you can check out the latest price here - Make money with words.

Some raw numbers

For 6 hours after the launch Tweet, I was manually DMing links to everyone.

I wrote personalized messages to everyone and then observed whether they went to the website and made the purchase or not.

It allowed me to be part of the funnel and learn from it up close. It also gave me a sense of the purchasing power of my audience.

I knew there are tools that would have allowed me to automate this process, but I think doing it manually was worth it.

After 6 hours, I was too tired and sleepy, so I just fixed 1 price and dropped the link in the replies.


  • The launch tweet has got 30k+ impressions (thank you to all my friends who RTed 🙏)
  • It received 90+ replies before I dropped the link. I DMed everyone till then😅
  • The Tweet with the link has received 95 clicks.
  • The landing page has received 394 views.
  • There have been 49 sales totaling $247.
  • Overall conversion rate of 12.4%.
  • It started with 100% (0bv) and gradually came down as the price increased.
  • I expect it to flatten out further in the coming days.

If you’re planning to launch a product on Twitter, these numbers might help you get a sense of what to expect.

(Feel free to DM me if you’re looking for ideas or advice around launching products on Twitter, I’ve had my fair share of successes and failures😅)

This gives me enough validation to actually start working on the product.

I had real money from people who want to learn what I want to teach, wow 🤩

Follow the journey as I build this product in public on Twitter