What is the No-Code Movement and why it matters?

What is the No-Code Movement and why it matters?
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"No-Code" or "Low-Code" is a term used to describe the tools and platforms that let anyone build software products without having to do software programming themselves. People who don't know how to code can build software by simple drag and drop mechanism.

This is the power of "No-Code" or "Low-Code" tools.

Over the last few years we have seen a rise in No-Code tools and their powers, this has given rise to the No-Code movement and the democratization of software development.

Let's see it's ramifications in detail -

First off - There's no such thing as "No Code".

Code powers every tech product we use.

Elon's Rockets. Your Smartphone. The Internet. Whatsapp. Twitter.


But "No-Code" tools abstract away a ton of complexity from the art of coding. They make code accessible.

Sophisticated software is hard to build.

Learning to code a website can take weeks, a complex web-app can take months. And getting so good that you can make money off coding -

That can probably take years.

No-Code tools quicken the process. They democratize software development.

Now designers, marketers, product managers, writers - everyone can benefit from the power of coding.

You have a raw idea? you can have a functional prototype within 24 hours. A proper working app.

Eventually, this is how all startups would be built.

Instead of pitch decks, founders would send links and screenshots of their ideas. With feedback and data from the real world.

Every idea will have a quick path to initial validation.

And even to product-market-fit💪

Once an idea is validated, it can get the deeper investment of a high-quality development team. It can be rebuilt with code after the core concept has been validated

Think about it -

No-Code puts the build-measure-learn process from the lean startup philosophy into hyperdrive

It's obvious that the No-Code movement is blowing up the way it is. It's just so powerful.

So what should you do about it?

How can you be a part of the No-Code movement?

Few ideas -

If you're a coder, you have a ton to gain.

Understand that everything under the hood is code. And YOU can write that code.

You can -

Build No-Code tools yourself.

Like website, web-app, mobile app builders. Chrome extension builders maybe?

Build DevOps solutions for No-Code apps.

As these apps get complicated, they will need support functions like Integration tests and version control.

If a Zap breaks today, it's hard to debug the root cause.

We need ways to keep these No-Code apps up and running. You can help

If you're a designer, marketer, product person -

Try to learn NoCode tools and become an expert.

The industry is still young, and would benefit a lot from valuable educational content. You can teach others No-Code with your own spin.

Interesting examples -

Ben Tossell of @makerpad

Courses, Tutorials, Community around No-Code development.

You pay a fee and access premium content.

It was doing $450K a year before getting acquired by @zapier

Read more about the Makerpad story -

Rising with the No-Code Movement 🏄‍♂️| Makerpad
“Code or No-Code, figure out the path of least resistance and start building”👆 That’s Ben Tossell’s advice for Indie Hackers Ben is the Founder and CEO of Makerpad. Makerpad is a content + community + course platform that teaches people how to build internet businesses without writing a single line…

Tara Reed of @AppsWithoutCode

Teaches people how to build you business without writing a single line of code.

Apps Without Code was in the Inc 5000 list this year - it was number 354.

It's one of the fastest growing private companies in America

Check out Apps Without Code on Inc.com
Apps Without Code: Offers online instruction in developing apps without any coding experience.

Bram Kamstein(@bramk) of NoCodeMVP

Teaches people how to build and rapidly validate startup ideas without writing code.

Again, Great content, course and community.

With a unique spin.

Read more about Bram's story -

How To Validate Startup Ideas Without Code | Lessons From Bram Kanstein
Listen Up, IH! — Episode 14 “I truly believe that if you deliver real value and solve someone’s problem, they don’t care how you do it.”That’s Bram Kanstein’s insight after working with hundreds of early stage startups over the years. Bram is the creator of Startupstash

These are different ways to "teach No-Code" with potential for huge returns

Figure out your own way and do it.

I'm observing the No-Code movement closely, will be profiling more No-Code makers and their products in the coming months.

Keep an eye out.

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